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Not the "smart" type? Well, maybe your kid is smarter in other areas of life.

Updated: Apr 5

Brain research has forever shattered the myth of fixed intelligence. We are not born with a single fixed “intelligence quotient” or IQ. Each of us has the potential to develop at least seven different “intelligences”. They are:

- Linguistic intelligence

The ability to read, speak and write well – highly developed in people such as Churchill, Kennedy, Shakespeare and Jane Austen.

- Mathematical-logical intelligence

The ability to reason, calculate and think logically – highly developed in economists, scientists, engineers, lawyers and accountants

- Visual-spatial intelligence

The ability to paint, draw, take imaginative photographs, create sculptures or to visualise three-dimensional space. Highly developed in navigators and also in artists such as Picasso and Michelangelo.

- Musical intelligence

The ability to compose songs, sing, play musical instruments, create poetry, use rhyme and rhythm.

- Inter-personal (or “social”) intelligence

The ability to relate to others – strong in sales people, teachers and natural leaders.

- Intra-personal (or “reflective”) intelligence

The ability to focus on inner feelings, draw conclusions from experiences and make plans.

- Bodily-personal intelligence (kinestethic)

The ability to use one’s hands or body – strong gymnasts, dancers, craftsmen and athletes. To the above seven intelligences Dr Howard Gardener has recently added an eighth:

- Naturalist intelligence

The ability to understand and be in tune with nature. Which intelligence do you think your child possesses?

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