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Child's pursuit of happiness

Updated: Apr 5

We like to visualise a child’s early development as a series of foundation stones and building blocks. These need to be put in place, step-by-step, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness. This structure is the plan on which the FUNdamentals programme is based. The underpinning foundations of the pursuit are love, security and fun that you provide for your child.

This whole programme is based on games and activities. But while they are lots of fun, they all have developmental purpose. Each game contributes to one or more of the building blocks. There is a big difference between enjoyable, yet “purposeful” play, and activities that merely fill time and keep your child occupied. When you play a game from FUNdamentals, you can be sure it is contributing directly to your child’s physical, emotional or intellectual development. Hence the double emphasis in our name – FUN da mentals.